Flexibility and precision

As a specialised manufacturer of gaskets in the non-metallic area, we have produced gaskets from the standard ring to the geometric form according to customers´ designs for more than 80 years.

Whether for thermotechnology, gear manufacturing or other industrial appliances: the selection of the correct quality and the corresponding processing know-how at DIUNIS guarantees a safe and risk-minimising use of the sealing-up materials.

Regarding gaskets from 5 mm to 1,500 mm, we will adeptly assist you with our flexible tool manufacture on the one hand, and on the other, with our high storage expertise in the area of standard products.

Our standard products here are gaskets, for example for

  • water flow meter connectors ¾ - 1 ½"
  • gas meter connectors according to DIN 3376 T 1, two nozzle ¾" - 2"
  • gas meter connectors according to DIN 3376 T 2, single nozzle DN 25 - DN 50
  • connections/fittings and gas pressure regulator 1/8" - 2"
  • gas shut-off valves according to DIN 3258 3/8" - 1 ¼"
  • flanges according to DIN 2632 DN 25 - DN 600
  • flanges according to DIN 2690 DN 25 - DN 600

The proven and tested close collaboration between process planning, tool manufacture, production and transportation ensures a flexible realisation of our customers´ wishes as quickly as possible.

Thanks to our specialised machinery and our highly qualified staff, it is possible for us to deliver quality-assured and on schedule.



Expertise in non-metallic materials

As a stamping business, we have specialised ourselves in the processing of non-metallic materials.

Our experience is in the processing of rubber and asbestos-free materials. For example, in the field of asbestos-free high pressure gaskets, we process the different materials from leading producers such as Reinz, Klinger, Frenzelit and Hecker.

Distinctions, such as becoming a Premium Business Partner with Reinz, confirm this.Also, the development of our own materials, such as DIUNIT 85 Gas - to be used in the area of gas service lines - distinguishes us.

Thanks to long-standing, trusty supplier relations with our materials partners, we are able to deliver at short notice in many areas.


Tool Manufacture

Realisation - our strength

Our own tool manufacture has ensured the realisation of the requested specifications of our customers for many years. The toolmakers at DIUNIS are integrated into the manufacturing process. They know the most diverse requirements in the processing of the individual materials.

Thanks to our in-house expertise and options, we are able to react to every sampling request at short notice.

Feel free to also include us in the process of your construction considerations or your production preparation so that together we can find the best possible solution for the product.

Our tool manufacture will lend you support as the planning and realisation partner for every gasket size between 5 mm and 1,500 mm.


Safety first

Ongoing quality assurance is of essential importance to DIUNIS Wilhelm Gärtner GmbH because gaskets are vital in many cases of application.

For us, quality assurance begins with the acceptance of your order. In close consultation with our customers, we only guarantee that which is technically feasible.

Before beginning production, the machine and process capabilities are tested. According to the customers request, the surveillance of our production can take place using computerised SPC with gauged and calibrated measuring equipment. Thanks to our statistical process controls, we can immediately recognise deviations and instantaneously shut down.

Quality assurance is a dynamic task for us, which steadily evolves with increasing experience and is, therefore, continuously optimised.

Our quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 significantly supports the standardisation and the systematic analysis of all operational processes.

Quality management is the benchmark for the successful development of our company.

Long-standing relations with our customers and our frequent status as preferred supplier are indications of our success.

The motivation of our team in regard to the pronounced awareness and the responsibility of the necessary quality in our company is a priority of the management board.



We produce quality

As a modern stamping company with highly specialised machinery that has been formed by a multitude of in-house developments, we produce quality gaskets. Whether standard gaskets or filigree forms according to customers´ designs, rubber or asbestos-free fibrous materials - we deliver the desired quality on time.

Examples out of our product range are:

  • Union end flat seat o-ring
  • Bonnet seals
  • Adaptor gaskets
  • Casing gaskets
  • Distributor gaskets
  • Valve seal
  • Gas meter gaskets
  • Radiator gaskets
  • Water flow meter gasket
  • Heating seals
  • Single nozzle gaskets
  • Flange gaskets



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